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Bear Films’ Latest Hot Releases!

Let’s face it we love bear porn, and one of the best studios out there right now is Bear Films. So, as part of our relaunch, we wanted to showcase four movies we love right now

We will bring you features and reviews of many more, so keep coming back to check out their new movies, and some old classics of course.

Victor Lyons and PJ Brown – Jun 22, 2023

Victor just got in from a long day and heads to the shower. He doesn’t even stop to say hello to his boyfriend, PJ, who is waiting on the bed in his jock and t-shirt. PJ figures if the dick won’t come to him, PJ better go to the dick. He walks into the bathroom, strips down, watches Victor dry off and then drops to his knees where he will be of better service. The studs then move to the bed, where they kiss until Victor’s mouth starts sucking on PJ’s hole. PJ hasn’t been fucked by daddy in a while and needs Victor to take it slow. But once opened up, PJ’s hole shows Victor’s meat a great time. Victor works his cock inside his boy’s hole until PJ’s ass is covered in warm seed.

Enjoy the photos and head to Bear Films to watch this and many more hot bears!

Riley Mitchel and Alessio Romero – Jun 1, 2023

Bear Films paired them with other co-stars, but after a few days of keeping their lust for each other under control, it was Riley and Alessio’s turn to get down to it, and they didn’t care who was in the room. We usually like to watch our bears strip, but nothing could hold these two back anymore. Riley knew where he wanted to be, and after some intense kissing, Alessio leaned back and let his boy get to work on his hard piece of meat. Riley was ready to suck it down to the back of the balls if he could, but Alessio knew how much Riley enjoyed having a tongue teasing and poking inside his hole. Alessio’s dick wanted to make his presence known as he penetrated deeply into Riley’s ass. Riley moaned as Alessio thrust his cock in and out, giving them the fuck they needed.

Enjoy the photos and head to Bear Films to watch this and many more hot bears!

Jack Dixon and Alessio Romero – May 18, 2023

It’s always great to be reacquainted with an old friend, especially if both of you are horny for each other. We were excited to bring Jack and Alessio together again. What made it better was that they’d never fucked before, at least not on camera, and we were ready to watch. They started kissing as they stroked each other’s cocks. Romeo was eager to get his lips around Jack’s monster meat and see how much he could take. His mouth was the first thing getting stretched out and used, but not the last. The two studs moved to the sling, already set up in the living room. Romeo bends over and gives Jack a clear path to his fuck hole, where Jack happily tastes before filling Romeo with pain and pleasure.

Enjoy the photos and head to Bear Films to watch this and many more hot bears!

Mack Austin and Macho Dog – Apr 6, 2023

“We invited Mack to hang out, but he soon discovered more fun watching Macho stroking his dick on the bed. And after getting himself turned on and hard, Mack joined Macho as they kissed and groped each other. After Macho put his mouth on Mack’s pits, he moved down to his dick and showed us why they call him macho dog as he devoured Mack’s meaty bone. But Mack wasn’t about to be outdone as he feasted on Macho’s hole before stuffing it with his thick cock, which Macho was ready for. Mack fucked Macho on his knees before giving his bone back to his playful pup to eat. Macho moved to his back, where he took a pounding as he unloaded on his belly, which gave Mack the green light to do the same as he pulled out and exploded.”

Enjoy the photos and head to Bear Films to watch this and many more hot bears!

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