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Cell Block Chicago now hosting Butch Please every month

Thanks again to John Hernandez over at for releasing info about this HOT new regular party at Cell Block Chicago, take a look at the launch images and at the bottom we showcase some more revealing pics from last week’s party! ENJOY!

Butch Please has been steadily gaining traction in the fetish world as its message of inclusivity, diversity and accessibility has filtered through the nightlife scene. It’s gotten so popular, in fact, that it now has an official residency in Chicago. We talked with event producer WRUFF Doug about this revolutionary party and also share with you a bunch of pics from their latest event.

“In 2019, I founded the company WRUFF (Why Resist Understanding Fetish Fun)” Doug explained, “to bridge the gap in the leather community by providing a safe space for queer and other identities to participate in the leather, kink, and fetish scene. Our team quickly discovered that organizing an inclusive dance club event required considerable planning and effort to ensure that everyone feels welcome and at ease, which led to the establishment of Butch Please.”

Since its creation, Butch Please has toured some of the USA’s most famous leather bars and bear events including: Precinct DTLA in Los Angeles, Falcon North (formerly Eagle 562) in Long Beach, The Leather Stallion in Cleveland, The Eagle Wilton Manors in Fort Lauderdale, the IBC kick off party in 2022, and Cell B lock Chicago among others.

“Butch Please’s success has given us the opportunity to be the newest resident party at Cell Block Chicago, every fourth Saturday beginning in September 2023.” Doug continued. “We prioritize accessibility, diversity, and respect for all attendees, which is the key to creating an inclusive dance club event. By taking these actions, we’ve created an environment where everyone feels valued and included in the celebration of music and dance.”

Now that’s something we can definitely get behind! We just may have to take a trip to the Windy City! In the meantime, we’ll have to settle for these pics from Butch Please: Subby Summer held at Cell Block Chicago on June 17th for Pride Fest. Check them out!


The next Butch Please party will be Saturday October 28th . For tickets, head here. To keep up with the latest news about Butch Please, follow Wruff Events on Facebook and Instagram.

Take a look at the pics from last week’s event:

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