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Cover Star – Aaron Trainer, a bottom for all daddy bears!

Aaron Trainer describes himself as a bottom for all Daddies. He does top too, but you know he is a great bottom!

I recently had the chance to sit down with the adorable and charming Aaron Trainer. If you aren’t familiar with him, he is one of the nicest guys in the business, he came to it late, but he has taken to it like a champ!

He’s taken some of the biggest dicks in the business, Jack Dixon is one and he scored some amazing praise from none other than Rocco Steele, his co star on one movie. Is he all muscled YES, does that make him a bear, well I think if Aaron wants to be a bear, then that’s what makes him one in my book. Besides, I like a belly and sometimes I like muscles, there’s room for everyone right?

See what he had to say when I talked to him about his early life and how he got into porn:

David Goodman: Aaron thanks so much for taking some time to sit down with me, I’d love to find out about your background. We’ve seen you in some movies and we know your public name. But tell us about you. Where are you from? What do you love doing? And how did you get where you are now?

Aaron Trainer: Hey David, thanks for having me! I was born and raised in Miami. I’m a native, but I’m considered a minority because Miami is such a melting pot, we have so many different ethnicities, backgrounds and cultures here.

Erotiese Project
DG: Did you have a fun school life?

I did. My mother was very, very instrumental, she had help as well, plus my siblings and I were very eager to learn to do things and to get out there. We were thirsty for knowledge. And I was in every extracurricular activity, every sport and music thing I could get into.

As a child when I was about 7 or 8, I would hear instruments playing in a nearby school during the summer, and I really didn’t know what it was, but I was drawn to it. I could hear where these kids were practicing. I would go out playing on my bike or whatever and get real close to it. Then one day I wandered into the building, and all the way into the room where they were all playing! I rushed home and had to tell my , “Mom, I wanna do this. I want to do this.” So she found out what it was all about and talked to one of the directors and they were like, well, we have a summer program here, so we are sure he could do it. So I joined up to the summer program for kids and the first instrument I learned to play was trumpet, but I wanted to learn others too, so the next instrument I picked up was a little bit of saxophone. I started playing saxophone, as well as the Clarinet, and I then played the clarinet through elementary, junior high, high school and college.

One summer a family friend came by and he knew that I was by now also playing the clarinet and he brought a flute over and he said “listen I’m moving away, this was in my closet and no one’s playing it. I’ll be back to visit in a year. Do you think you can learn how to play this?” And I was like sure. So, I got a book and I taught myself how to play flute. Those were my two major instruments. I played those two and I played flute for fun. I started to excel at that as well too. In the meantime, I did a little bit of oboe and I started to go into music camp every summer in Tennessee. I have even played some violin. I played some cello, and I played a little French horn.

Mark Henderson Photography

I did go on to get a scholarship as a clarinet major, they actually recruited me. At that time, I was in community orchestra, and I was in both youth symphonies in Miami. So i got a full ride to Appalachian State University in Carolina. I went to school there. I only stayed a year. And then I transferred from there to Boston Conservatory as a flute player. I said I couldn’t make it to the audition, so I sent an audition tape and I got accepted.

After a period of time, life started to happen. My mother was getting sick and back and forth and all kinds of things like that and unfortunate things. And so, I took a little leave of absence, and I went back to school. I eventually ended up coming home to help taking care of my mother. I was also working in a bar and I did that for many years, when I was in in college too.

I was always active as well and played some sports, like track, cross country, a little bit of soccer, and I was a gymnast for a little bit. But I did everything. So, I was like, I kind of want to get back in the gym and fitness. I was doing that for a while and then I liked it and I would work out with my brother and some friends. I have friends that said to me, well, you know what? Why don’t you just become a trainer? Because you’re in the gym all the time and you’re training us, you’re helping us out. I was like, you know what? You’re right. Maybe I’ll just do this. So, I said I’m going to do this. And you know, if you’re unhappy with your life, you’re unhappy with how things are, things change.

I got my certification and I beat the pavement as soon as I got my certification and within a couple of days I got hired by a couple of gyms and so I started working. And here I am as a fitness trainer. I love helping people and helping people reach their goals and getting results. I really do enjoy it. I like the way it makes me feel when I when I train myself and I work out and watch my body change, my body morphing and helping my clients as well too. I do enjoy it.

I competed for the first time. I wanted to compete for some time, but you have to be ready to do that mentally because it is very difficult. It’s not an easy thing to do. You don’t train by yourself. Your close friends or family and everybody that’s your close circle, they train with you, they’re on prep with you because you’re dealing with the mood swings and the attitude and the stress level and everything. They’re going through it with you because you have to let that out somewhere. The people that are closest to you kind of go through. And sometimes, you’re a little cranky and you’re snapping this and that, whatever, and so they suffer a little bit. To all my family, my whole my entire family, my close friends and people that have been through this with me. I love you, thank you so much, so much. made it happen.

DG: And that’s why we know you as Aaron Trainer!

AT: Yeah, that’s why Aaron Trainer!

DG: Tell me how you got into adult movies?  What was the journey there?

AT: That’s a whole other story. I’m a very passionate person in general, I have a very high sex drive and I know what I like. I like a lot. I don’t have one type of guy that I go for, I go for men! I like sexy, and sexy comes in all shapes and sizes, as far as I’m concerned. I am glad that I that I get to be with men. I think it’s wonderful. Nothing to judge it against, but I know what I like, they taste amazing. I’ll admit it I’m a little piggy too and I just know what I like. I would watch porn like all the time. I would kind of dissect it. I would somehow every once in a while imagine that being me. That I could do this just in my own private life. And then I got to a few times where I’d be like, oh shit, I think I can kind of do this. I was just curious. I would just watch all day throughout the day and then I started thinking, hmm, what it would be like to actually be one of the models, be on that side in front of the camera.

I’m a little bit of an exhibitionist, obviously, and I kind of like showing off and I like the attention. I do admit it and I like giving pleasure to people. I had these secret thoughts like “Can I do this? Can I not do this? And how do I even do it?” I knew no one to open the door or lead me in the right direction. Finally I got up the guts to say I’m going to do this, but every time I got there, something always came up. But the urge always came back. And every time it came back, it seemed to come back stronger that I wanted to do this. I did my own research. I became that guy asking people, how do you get into porn? What do you do? Every once in a while, I would reach out to someone. I remember being on some dating apps and running across certain porn models and think “oh gosh, it’s them!” A lot of them were actually them and I would text that guy ‘hi how are you’. I would just ask him what you do, how do you do this, and for the most part most of them were really nice and suggested to pick the site that you think you might be good for and send pics to it and that kind of thing.

There was a point where my mother passed and I was kind of lost, like what do I do now?  Because that whole responsibility was gone, she was the glue that helped hold this all together. She was a single mom to me and my siblings, and we grew up as an intact unit. We all just ran to our corners, like what do we do, how do we handle, what do we do now? I was there for everybody, and we were there for each other.  After a little bit of time, it got a little bit better, then I felt comfortable enough to think I guess I can focus a little bit more on me, do me, this is my time. I took that as a sign, as an open door, and I walked through. I said, “OK, I’m going to do this”. I had nothing really to hold me back, I just felt like I had nothing to do, so what do I do now? And I thought “OK, you know what, I’ve been waiting to do this for a long time now, I’m gonna do it”. And so I went full force. 

I went online and I took some pics, and I found a few sites and I threw some pics out there and I didn’t hear anything. I remember seeing, remember Sean Xavier. I saw him online once and we chatted for a while and he gave me the same advice that a few of the other ones had given me, send pics and keep sending them.  And I did, and I sent them, and I sent them.

Then a couple of months passed and all of a sudden it was like somebody flipped the switch and I got inundated with calls and emails and texts from studios. Right before then I had a subscription to Maverick Men. This was a couple months before the whole explosion. I reached out to them from an email and he responded. And I was like, “Oh my God, he answered!” I was all excited. And they offered to help me with some pics.

So, fast forward, they came to town and we were still talking and we met. I was fucking, porn, fanning out, believing this is happening, and I met them both and we agreed after I sent them pics and everything to do a scene with me. At the time he wanted to make sure that I really wanted to do this, because they don’t cover faces. I just started talking to some guy, and wouldn’t you have it, everything just happened all at once. And we just started talking to each other, and I told him I’m going to do this, and so he goes, well, you know what, Halloween is one of our most popular holidays so just in case, because people say they want to do something and they change their mind. I’m not trying to press you, they were really nice about it, making sure they gave me every opportunity to back out.

They actually got a little mask, and he said we’ll make it a Halloween video and we shot my very first porn with him and in a hotel room here in Coral Gables here in Miami. I couldn’t believe it happened. It was great, went well, and this just happened, we did a great job. A couple of months later, that’s when boom, all the studios hit me up and everything. I was at the gym and I got a phone call and I didn’t recognize the phone number. About a minute later I got a voicemail and I checked the voicemail, and it said “Is this the fabulous Aaron Trainer? This is Chi Chi LaRue and I would really love for you to, give me a call, blah, blah, blah.” I was like, “oh my God!”

This was like when I was trying to decide on a name and I didn’t know what to do, I was trying to get everything out. And it was just, boom! I got hit hard all at once. And I’m like, well, I need an agent. How do I do this? What do I do? And everything just kind of fell into place very quickly. And then she called me and she flew me out to LA and I shot my first scene for Bait Buddies for Pride Studios. The very next week I shot my first scene for Noir Male, and then I came back and then I shot something for Raw Fuck Club. I did my first orgy gangbang if you will. And I’ve been working ever since. The next week I got two scenes, the week after that at two more seven.

DG: Its why we love you, as you do work with lots of different kind of body types right?

AT: Yes, I have. I’ve worked with bears for sure. I’ve done a few scenes where I’ve topped and I’ve bottomed, and I loved it all!

Liquid Portrait
DG: Tell me about that. Who have you worked with? Which bear models have you worked with?

AT: Recently I have worked with John Baldwin, where we did a scene for Natural Born Breeders, he’s a very, very handsome guy. Very studly with the beard and hairy belly, and we connected very well, and I think it was released about a couple months ago or so. I also loved the scene I shot with Rick Kelson for Natural Born Breeders too, he was amazing. I also did a great scene with Jack Dixon of course. Although that was like one of my first movies. Rocco Steele was producing, and he’s always been a total sweetheart to me. He called me up one day and asked me to be in a movie he was making and needed me to send him pics of my ass. I sent him like pics of my back and my ass. But he asked me a favor, “would you shave your ass?” he asked, and I’ve never shaved my ass. I thought for a minute and I went, “I’ll do it”. He says “can you do it for me like now in the next hour? And let me see it and just send me a pic” OK, fine. So, I was going to start to shave, and I just got Nair and took everything off, and sent him the pic and he says, “you got the job.” And that’s how I got into Dad Bareback Barbershop, I never watched it, but I did keep hearing people saying, “Oh my God, that scene with you and Jack Dixon!” So, I decided to take a look I looked at it, and i thought to myself, “that was pretty hot”! I remember Rocco Steele saying to me, “this is the hottest scene in the whole fucking movie, and I’m in it”. People still talk about that, and I’m proud of that scene, actually. It was great working with Jack, and I’m looking forward to working with him again. It was a lot of fun. And yes, I’ll do in a heartbeat.

DG: Anybody that you really want to work with that you haven’t worked with yet.

AT: Oh, there’s plenty, but I would love to work with Adam Russo, we chatted once briefly, over a year or so ago, he gave me his number. I used to jack off to him before I started doing porn and he was in a few of my favorite scenes that were my go-to jack off vids. The first time I saw him I was like this guy’s really hot and then he showed up on some daddy site, one of the mainstreams. I was lucky enough to work with Champ Robinson, Drew Sebastian, and I would love to work with them again.

DG: Anything else that you want to say to any of your lovely fans or people that have admired your work?

AT: Just thank you, I mean. Just thank you. Seriously, thank you from the bottom of my heart for accepting me because when I started doing this. It wasn’t easy at first, and it still isn’t easy. I do enjoy the work that I do, and bringing pleasure to so many. I like doing live show’s and appearances, gogo dancing and interacting with fans. A prime example of that is Ray Dalton’s “Fornication”  a drug free sex party that travels to different cities throughout the country. I get to meet and interact with so many amazing men. So, thank you Ray Dalton for your support and thinking enough of me to have me as a featured performer.

For more content here’s Aarons Twitter/X account: Aaron Trainer (@AaronTrainerXXX) / X (
From one of Aaron’s upcoming Only fans Scenes!

Lead image in White Underwear, Liquid Portrait. Front Cover image is by Erotiese Project.

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