Thursday, June 13, 2024
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David meets… Beltran aka ScruffyStockyCub

If you have not seen Beltran or ScruffyStocky (his Twitter alt account) you are missing out! This hot bear is a gogo dancer, OnlyFans performer, and has graced the cover of Hairy Magazine! And we hear he is about to start writing for Bear World Mag too.

We took some time to check him out and he was generous enough to showcase some HOT HOT HOT photos of himself for my… I mean YOUR enjoyment! I asked him a few questions too and this is what he had to tell us!

BELTRAN: So, my journey as ScruffyStocky kicked off actually as @beltran_h on Instagram. I was doing the whole plus-size model thing and posting some content. You know, your typical Insta bear stuff. But then, something interesting happened. It turns out there was (and there still is) a real appetite for more spicy content. Not only of myself but also featuring folks who don’t fit the mold of the typical muscle queens and twinks. So, I decided to open up an alt twitter account.

Initially, my content revolved around explicit hot pics and artistic nudes. But things started to take off quickly as I began realizing the potential to expose myself like that out there, both through monetizing it and helping me heal aspects of my body image perception that were bullied into thinking that I guy like me could never be considered sexy.  I believe that being true to myself, unapologetically embracing who I am, and sharing that with my audience is very liberating.

Recognizing this unique opportunity, I decided to take things to the next level. I ventured into the world of online adult content (video) creation, and my adventure as an OnlyFans content creator began.

And let me make something clear here – there’s absolutely nothing wrong with muscle queens and twinks. In fact, I’ve even teamed up with some of them. The real mistake is when we start thinking there’s only one way to be sexy or to be the object of desire. (Either imposing or obeying to that mandate)

You see, the gay adult content world is pretty darn flooded with the same old, same old. But I decided to do something different. No, I’m not on a mission or anything, but I saw a window of opportunity in offering an alternative to all those conventional standards. And I believe this journey is getting my own frontiers further so I don’t know when or where I will stop.

I’m all about breaking away from the usual and celebrating myself and other diverse representations of beauty. And you know what? My followers dig it, and I’m not complaining about the financial perks either.

I’ve now been creating adult content for three years, and it has grown into a full-fledged career. It’s been a journey of entrepreneurship, trying to providie content that aligns with the tastes of my followers and also not get stuck with all the porn bear tropes.Through this path, I’ve had the privilege of working with a couple of adult film production companies and I’m excited to see where this journey continues to lead.

So, cheers to being ScruffyStocky, where I say no to the cookie-cutter standards and yes to embracing more kinds of hotness. 😜💪🐻

Follow Beltran on Twitter: Scruffy Stocky Cub (@ScruffyStocky) / X ( and OnlyFans: Scruffy Stocky Cub OnlyFans

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