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Foreplay Just Got More Fun… with AdamMale!

Make your sex life more fun and enjoyable for everyone involved with some highly entertaining toys from AdamMale, guaranteed to get you and your partner ready for the Big D!

Check out the great selection at and use code BEAR50 for up to 50% off 1 Item + free shipping in the US.

Shop risk free with AdamMale’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Don’t like something, you have up to 90 days to return it. AdamMale always ships discreetly so prying eyes will never know what you’ve bought.

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Metal Shower Enema Set (20% Off!)

This set fits easily onto your existing shower with a simple screw on valve. Just screw on one of the two nozzle attachments to the hose, turn on the water, and use the valve to control the flow. The water flows in the direction the valve is pointed in. You’re in total control of your cleaning experience.

Full Pup Arsenal Set (25% Off)

Train your puppy to obey your commands! Dominate them like never before with this fun bondage set. A must-have for kinky couples, the Full Puppy Arsenal Set is perfect for teaching your partner basic commands like: sit, lick or suck. And after they’ve learned their commands, let your imagination and fantasies run wild!

Jollypops (50% Off)

The perfect start to loosening up for the evening. Beginners will love how easy it lubes up and slips. More experienced users will appreciate how smooth the TPE material, It’s a great beginning for a fun and adventurous evening.

Booty Boot Camp Training Kit (50% Off)

Ready for the next phase? Your mission, should you choose to accept it is loosening your backdoor for intense anal pleasure! This set of 3 smooth and flexible silicone anal plugs let you start off small, and then work your way up to pure penetrating bliss.

Jizz Lube (50% Off)

Oh don’t forget the lube! This white, creamy, and musky lube feels and smells just like the real thing. And because it’s water-based it’s safe to use with condoms and all sex toys. Harness the power of Jizz in a bottle and stay slick.

Japanese Cotton Rope Cuffs (20% Off)

Japanese rope is the perfect rope for safe and compliant bondage play. A simple slip-ring design means you will not need any previous rigging or knotting experience. Soft cotton fibers bend and stretch with your submissive’s body. Your Japanese Style Cotton Rope Cuffs will slide smoothly across their skin for
optimal comfort and safety.

Realcocks 8.5 Inch Thin Tip Dual Layered Uncut Sliders Dildo (50% Off)

Now you’re ready for the big leagues! The RealCocks dual density engages you with an uncircumcised erection to that you can ride into the night! It’s bendable, poseable and feels completely natural

Head to and use code BEAR50 for up to 50% off 1 Item + Free Shipping in the US.

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