Saturday, July 20, 2024

Gogo Bear Spotlight – Jack Ambrose

Jack Ambrose is your boy next door with a dash of divinity! They have been gogo dancing since February of this year (2023) and Jack tells us they sprung into it as a necessity of financial means. And of course, Jack is a “Gogo Child” of the amazing Danny J who helped them get started.

Working nightlife and adult entertainment has got Jack taking much better care of their body and increased their confidence one thousand-fold. If you can believe it, this time last year Jack tells us that they would be awkwardly standing in the corner hoping someone would notice or bump into them.

Their favorite things about gogo-ing are vibing to the music, putting together and wearing sexy outfits, making guys smile, making guys hard, and talking to so many new people every time they go out, and especially LOVEs seeing guys be uninhibited sluts on the dance floor.

You may have seen Jack dance in NYC at Rockbar, Hush, The Cock, Ty’s Bar, Folsom Street East, Urban Bear’s ‘Bear’s Ahoy’ Cruise and is always looking for more gigs and would love to be a permanent and recurring part of a party’s or bar’s roster.

Jack tells us that they are working on getting over travel anxiety, so if anyone in the U.S. wants Jack to fly in for their party” let’s make it happen!”

Up next you will see Jack dancing for Leatherman at Ty’s Bar on October 26th but you can often find them walking around in a thong (or less) at the same aforementioned bars throughout the week.

Follow Jack on all the socials listed here on their LinkTree – including their OnlyFans & Just For Fans!

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  • I really like meaty Joey!


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