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MOUNT: Cowboys Bustin’ Broncos

MOUNT is part of a series of events from Guys2 whose goal is to host quality recreational events that are unique and fun for men 21+ to enjoy in a judgment free and safe space. If you haven’t heard about this event, you need to!

Guys2 was recently acquired by Xposure Events LLC, a successful gay men’s event company in Palm Springs. Xposure already has several events at the CCBC every year. With the inclusion of Xposure’s resources, Guys2 has more than doubled its equipment which will mean the corral will be LOADED! 

“We at Xposure are excited to take the reins of Guys2 and continue to grow these amazing events here in California, and across the country” said WestCub!

MOUNT is a male bonding pop-up event bringing like-minded guys together for a drug free, shame free, sex positive private event.

During the event guys must choose whether to participate as a COWBOY or a BRONCO for the entire event and agree to follow the Corral Code as guided by wranglers and decided by rangers. “The Round Up” has intense hours with bronco’s blindfolded in the capture, combined with the social bonding time outside the corral within the walls of the resort (your home on the range). Bond, grow and be a part of Guys 2!

​The next MOUNT will take place:

Oct 20, 4:00 PM – Oct 22, 2:00 AM at CCBC Resort, 68-300 Gay Resort Dr, Cathedral City, CA 92234, USA

Reserve your spot now, click here!

For more info on all of Guys2 events, head to:

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