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Mr. Kristofer and Pup Amp Want To Know Your “Safeword”

If you’re in search of an educational NSFW YouTube channel that fulfills all your kinky desires, do we have the channel for you? “Watts Your Safeword” and the accompanying podcast, “Watts Your Safepod”, run by couple Pup Amp and Mr. Kristofer, is an LGBTQ+ media channel that tackles a variety of sex topics around different kinks and the BDSM lifestyle all while breaking down the stigma surrounding sex. From recapping their sexscapades around the globe to discussing the evolution of certain kinks, the two have talked about it all.

We had the chance to talk to Mr. Kristofer and Pup Amp about their lives before “Watts Your Safeword”, their lives before they met each other, and how they both stumbled into their kinky lifestyles.

Tell me a little bit about each of you before you met.

Mr. Kristofer: I was a porn director. First, for Bear Magazine in the 1990s and the Falcon, and ended directing COLT Studio Group films in 2016 when I met Amp. I was just getting out of an abusive relationship when I met the pup so I really wasn’t looking for anything serious. As a matter of fact, my family thought I was going through a mid-life crisis when we met cause I got a new car, quit my job, and started dating someone 20 years younger than me.

Pup Amp: As far as jobs go, I probably have one of the strangest resumes, but my life has always been a creative and educational one. I grew up as a swimmer, lifeguard, and swim coach until I finished college and was a game developer for about 10 years before I realized this whole 9-to-5 was exhausting and that I was good at bondage and shooting adult content both educational and sexual in nature. When I was a game developer, I always used YouTube content and creators as background noise but never saw a proper representation of queer sex and specifically, kink. So when I started to do sex work more full time, I was also slowly creating “Watts The Safeword” with my friend Bolt, and in the meantime started dating Daddy [Kristofer] casually. We met at an IML about 10 years ago and the rest is history as he started to get on camera more both in the sex work realm and the YouTube video education. 

Can you tell me HOW you met?

One of the sites Kristofer ran back then was called and to promote the site he would do a booth at IML every year where he’d be tying up boys. Amp came by the booth and was one of these boys who originally volunteered to do a demo, just because Kris had some free time, and while we initially were just flirty, Kristofer initially wrote Amp off as too young, even if had a super hot ass. We didn’t think too much about it till the following year of that same event and BoundJocks was doing live shows and needed cute models who liked bondage and wanted to get tied up. So we did some demos with Kris tying Amp up and we had some proper time to hit it off. Our energies really matched and we both didn’t have much expectations but we found a common interest in kink and enjoying each other’s smart and humorous takes on the world. So one thing led to another and that’s how we became a thing.

How did you both find your kinks?

Kristofer: I knew I was kinky at an early age. James Bond and James West getting captured and tied up turned me on at a very early age. So when I came out, I became a bondage sub and taught all the hot daddies how to tie me up. As I grew older, I took some classes, paid attention, and learned the ropes myself so to speak.

Once at Lazy Bear in Guerneville, CA, this hot cub that was into daddies let me tie him up down by the river.  I tied him to a redwood like he was hugging the tree ass out. He couldn’t really see behind him the group of bears I’d invited to use him. After I dumped my load, I stood next to him and whispered the description of each Bear fucking his ass so he could mentally picture them in his head. He thanked me later and still doesn’t know who my friends were

Amp: I found kink through playing cops and robbers at a young age, or more so found my interest in rope before I even knew what a kink, let alone turn-on, was. Fast forward to turning 18 in a Catholic household and I found Kink.Com and BoundJocks as a proper hub of extreme kink and bondage. Though I didn’t know Kris, especially back then, it was one of the forces of my love of colorful and fun bondage. Being that I grew up in Seattle though, is what really helped me blossom. Seattle has/had one of the largest pup groups, SEA-PAH. When I started to attend more socials and munches in the scene, I quickly found an interest including being a proper puppy to many a daddy in my early kink years.

One particular bear of a daddy, whom we can call Kev, was the first person to ever collar me as his pup. It was hot, sexy, and the first time I would trust someone with my deepest, darkest, and intimate desires and I wouldn’t trade those experiences that taught me the importance of kink in my life. Since then, I’ve always had a thing for daddy bears and someone who doesn’t mind grabbing my leash and having some fun. 

What led you to the creation of the show/podcast and are they TWO different shows?  

Amp: My love of YouTube from my early years was what drove me to start “Watts The Safeword” about nine years ago. It was a want to make people laugh with my friend Bolt, but also a love of educating that I’ve always had throughout my life. As a creative nerd type, I just loved to create things that not only resonated with people but made them think critically. I would watch gay YouTubers back then: Tyler Oakley, Hannah Hart, and Davey Wavey, and wonder why no one ever created sex ed content for queer and kinky people in mind. Our first video produced was BDSM 101 and after tons of feedback from friends and (suddenly) hundreds of subscribers, myself and Bolt created an outline, shot some darts at the proverbial internet dart board of topic, and made tons of mistakes, but did our best to have fun and educate in the process. Fast forward almost a decade and we’re still uploading mostly every week on our YouTube with fresh videos, but also creating weekly podcasts on “Watts Your Safepod” a standalone audio podcast, “On Guard Cigar Salon”, a monthly podcast of Kristofer and his friends shooting the shit on kink topics, and streaming content on Twitch five times a week!   

What have been some of your favorite episodes/subjects? I just watched the semonology episode!!!! Hilarious! 

Kristofer: My favorite episode is our chastity episode because everyone gets a bit confused with that subject. I also like reacting to kinky TikToks

Amp: My favorites will always be the kink gear hauls. From Wish to Amazon to TEMU, the websites trying to scam people with too-good-to-be-true kink gear always make me laugh, but I also find they are the most insightful when it comes to capitalism, fast fashion, and how we talk about gear, accessibility, price points and it’s just silly times whenever we do one! 

And what do you think is the biggest piece of advice about kink you can give to anyone who’s vanilla and peeking over the wall

Just remember never to yuck someone else’s yum because even the most vanilla of people have turn-ons others might call a kink. There are all sorts of socially acceptable forms of BDSM, from eye masks that cause sensory deprivation to pleasure mixed pain that you can get from deep tissue massage. What others will call gross or weird, may, in fact, be your sexy superpower that helps you connect with others, find community, and give you the permission to just have fun! 

Want more Pup Amp and Mr. Kristofer content? You can head over to for tips, tricks, and tales of the kinky, BDSM lifestyle.

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