Thursday, June 13, 2024

Nick Vannello Unveils a Vibrant and Diverse Collection of Queer Coloring Books

Nick Vannello, the renowned polymath and creative mind behind “GoNaked Magazine” and “GoNaked Travels,” is thrilled to introduce an exciting lineup of coloring books that promise to captivate and inspire.

Expressive Art Meets Bold Themes

These coloring books are not your typical fare. Each one features 100 pages of striking illustrations that celebrate various themes. Among the titles, you’ll find “Man Butts,” “Space Butts,” “Hunky Holidays,” “Inked Adonis,” “Jingle Butts,” “Blossom Butts,” and a ground-breaking addition, “Burly Bonds” – a 100-page celebration of love featuring big, bearded men.

These creations break free from conventional norms. The titles reveal a bold embrace of diversity, inclusion, and body positivity, with many of the books showcasing rear nudity, challenging stereotypes, and celebrating the male form in all its beauty.

Confronting Phobias and Embracing Creativity

In addition to this ground-breaking collection, Vannello’s imaginative mind extends to coloring books that confront phobias in a unique and artistic way. Whether it’s “Drag Phobia,” a celebration of drag queens, or the exploration of fears like clowns, cows, family, and work, these coloring books encourage readers to engage with their fears in a therapeutic and creative manner.

For those seeking special gifts, Nick Vannello offers a “Day of the Dead” line featuring adorable animals, combining vibrant artistry with cultural richness.

Explore the Artistry

Nick Vannello’s innovative coloring books are now available at Immerse yourself in a world of creativity, diversity, and self-expression through these stunning and thought-provoking works.

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