Saturday, July 20, 2024
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Bear Films Preview – Sean Knight and Scotty Rage

There is nothing hotter than living out your fantasy, especially if it with two hot guys such as Sean and Scotty. Scotty was in the dining room cutting his hair, getting ready to hit the bar, but he was not alone. Sean was already on his knees, under the table, sucking Scotty’s meat as he finished cutting his hair and put the clippers down.

That would already be enough for most men, but not for these two. With his hair done, Scotty kisses his boy before moving to the fuck bench, where he bends over and gives Sean full access to his sweet hole. Sean is so ready to fuck that after sucking on Scotty’s dick more, he thrusts his big dick into his daddy’s hole and pounds him good. They fuck all over the bench until Sean cums on Scotty’s tongue before bending him over again and finishing inside his guts. Scotty returns the favor.

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