Thursday, April 18, 2024
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Bryce Quartz Releases C*M Pirate

If you are unfamiliar with Bryce Quartz, well you are about to get to know him really well. Bryce is a cubby rapper, that has been gaining traction with his hard core rap style usually focused on Daddies, and Cum. Well his new track keeps up the Cum references but well this one is all Pirate themed and we are here for it.

Not only is the track raunchy and sexy, Bryce decided to create a full XXX Video that sees this little cum pirate get his holes filled with Pirate cum! Is that what is meant by Seamen do you think?? HA.

There is a SFW video too – but we know which ones you will be watching! Check out some HOT still images below and get ready to head to Bryce’s JFF and watch the FULL XXX Music video – it’s pretty cool as well as being HAF!

We also caught up with Bryce now back from his whirlwind tour of the west coast and his launch party of the Full XXX video at Rockbar in NYC, here’s what he had to say:

David Goodman: Bryce we are so glad you have new content coming back – you have been edging us about it for a while, we are so glad that you have finally released! C*M Pirate is in your typical style, but you have pushed the boundaries with the video/videos this time – why did you make two versions?

Bryce Quartz: I’ve been edging everyone for quite a while on this release, but it’s all for a big explosive finale! Thanks for having me back and speaking with me today.  I made two versions of the videos for a few different reasons. There’s a safe for work version with tongue in cheek scenes of bear pirates and cum being poured on me from milk jugs, and then a NSFW explicit video where I got railed in a sling, on a swinging bed, and with a large tentacle dildo. I wanted to do a NSFW version to make the lyrics come to life. I’ve also never seen another music video where this happens, and I think this will set me apart from many other artists who rap in the same style as me. Plus, it’s what my fans want to see! The safe for work version is just campy and fun, it’s mainly for social media promotion and for YouTube. Both versions were quite hard to film, but I couldn’t have done it without my team and my amazing videographer Catalin Stelian-Shanks. He’s a real pro at this stuff, and made sure we got everything done within an 8 hour time frame for both versions. With both versions, I’m pretty proud that there’s only bears and cubs in it. I see the bear community talk about having too many twinks in queer music videos and not enough big boy representation, so it was important for me to only cast big boys! 

David Goodman: Will this see more double video releases?

Bryce Quartz: I do have another double release coming out after this one for my next single “Daddy Dick,” and in that video, it will of course be Daddy focused. I’ve got the idea planned out already and I think it’s gonna be super sexy. “Daddy Dick” is one of my favorite tracks off my upcoming EP titled “The Sextape,” and it’s even more fun performing it live cause it makes me sweaty and horny!

David Goodman: What about a full album? Will that come soon?

Bryce Quartz: For now, I’m doing single releases for themed EPs, the first one being “The Sextape.” I’ve already written and recorded demos for my entire next EP and started planning the video concepts and rollout ideas. I probably won’t release a full length album for a while, I’m a very versatile artist and do lots of different sub genres of hip hop, and prefer to keep each body of work thematic and focused in it’s concept and sound. 

Bryce Quartz’ “Cum Pirate” released to Spotify, Apple Music, and all digital platforms on March 15.  Visit  Follow Bryce on Insta here: @RealBryceQuartz and X/Twitter here @mrlilcub (where you can see a hot preview too) Head to Bryce’s JFF account, sign up and see the full XXX version here!

Bryce”s Custom Cum Pirate Harness was provided by CockEye Kink.

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