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Cover Star – Seattle Dad

It’s not every day that a new porn star is discovered, especially with the studios competing now with OnlyFans and Twitter(X), but I am here to tell you that one is in our midst with Seattle Dad!

Seattle Dad was just nominated in the inaugural Bear World Mag Awards for Best Bear Adult Performer and has also won a Grabby in 2022. So when it came to planning the cover for the relaunch, we felt that Seattle Dad, was not only hot, beary and daddy as fuck himself, the choice of partners he works with are so very diverse too. From some of the sexiest cubs, to the hottest white bearded polar bear daddies! I had to watch a lot of the videos of course, just to make sure he was the right choice! But seriously, it was an honor to chat to him, and find out a little more about him, so sit back, stop watching his videos for a few minutes (I know it’s hard to pull yourself away) and find out all about Seattle Dad, our handsome and sexy cover star!

David Goodman: Hi Seattle Dad, thanks so much for taking the time to talk to me, can you tell me and our readers, who are probably your fans and future fans, a little bit about you?

Seattle Dad: Well I come from Dallas, TX. Pretty conservative religious family. Went to a Baptist college at Baylor, which is pretty funny now looking back on it. I think they wanted me to go to a Christian college instead of a state school because it would be safer for me. But the kids at that school are much crazier than the ones I knew at University of Texas. Got out of college, went straight into making furniture and that’s what I’ve been doing the last 30 years of my life.

About 12 years ago I started posting videos on XTube. I moved to Seattle from Dallas about 10 years ago for the weather so that I also could be outside a lot more. Texas is just too hot to go out in the summer and I like hiking and camping and floating rivers and that kind of thing. I feel like in Texas, you’re stuck inside all summer trying to stay alive. So, I moved up here, really loved it. And that’s when everything took off for me. I do feel that people up here in Seattle are a lot more open and freer about their sexuality than they are maybe in the South. I met a lot of cool people and started filming with them and having a great time ever since.

All Photos of Seattle Dad including the cover image are by PJ Christiaens owner of www.baergalerie.com

DG: You said that was about 10 years ago when you started filming as Seattle Dad

SD: Well first, I started an XTube account back in Dallas and a Tumblr account back in 2008. I moved to Seattle ten years ago, and then changed my name to Seattle Dad just before the pandemic. So I’ve been making porn a while but under different names.

DG: What made you start?

SD:  In my late thirties I always wanted to do porn and I never had tried before. I had started seeing my own pictures show up on Tumblr from when you’d send people naked pictures on various apps. I was seeing those pictures get circulated around on Tumblr, and at first, I was a little shocked, but then I saw the comments and how many times they’re being retweeted, and I liked it. So I started my own Tumblr blog and my own XTube page just blowing guys and the results of amateur fun stuff. It wasn’t until Tumblr started to shut down that I heard about OnlyFans and I thought, well, I’ll throw a couple videos up there and see what happens. I just didn’t think people want to pay for what they’ve been seeing for free. That’s changed a lot in the last five years. That’s when I started putting things up on only fans and just for fans and it’s been an incredible ride ever since I started that.

DG: I love that you work with all different kinds of guys, you work with cubs and really handsome older daddies.

SD: I like it all.

DG: HA, I hear you! Is that something that is pretty natural for you?

SD: Absolutely.  I do massage, but I did massage for the last 15 years. Really doing massage on people really taught me that I’m attracted to a lot wider range of guys than I thought I was, and there’s something sexy about almost everyone. Those are people that I would normally be having sex with, that’s just on film. I like the dynamic of the dad/son role play, and that’s really fun. But there’s something really sexy about being with a guy who’s older than me. Especially older guys, if they have the confidence to show off, it’s such a sexy thing. I find a connection with most people. It doesn’t really matter what their body type is, if I’m attracted to who they are, I want to have sex with them.

DG: Very cool. I think that’s what makes you very popular, there’s definitely something for everybody. What would draw you to work with somebody specific though? Is there anything about someone that you really go for?

SD: If you’re good at verbal role play, that’s very appealing to me. I’m pretty attracted to body hair, not necessarily a hairy chest, but from the waist down. If you’ve got a lot of hair there, then I’ll be really into it. And if a body smells musky, just back from the gym that really turns me on. I try to only film now with people who have already put themselves out online. I really get a little conflicted when somebody who’s never posted anything new before wants to film because you’re not just putting it out into a vacuum and with the follower reach that I have, people are going to see it and I don’t really want to be the guy that put someone naked on the internet first. So it really helps if someone’s already got a Twitter account or is making videos, then I feel much more comfortable about the whole situation.

DG: Does that mean that you’ve been interacting with fans, and fans that want to film with you?

SD: Sometimes if I’m in the same city and it’s someone I’m attracted to and they sent me pictures. A lot of people message me without profiles and without pictures asking about filming with them and I need something to go on. I found those few fans before, but those people already have their own Twitter accounts where they’re putting their naked pictures out there, so I don’t feel like I’m exposing them to the world for the first time

DG: Who have been some of the hottest guys you’ve worked with?

SD: Well, the whole lot of them. That’s so hard to say because they’re all so much fun. I don’t really go after people with big follower counts. If it happens, that’s great, but that’s certainly not a driving factor because the few times I have, it’s not been because I had a connection with them, more that I wanted to explore investment being on someone else’s page. But really, it’s more important for me that I find someone I’m super attracted to that I would be having fun with anyway. A lot of them are very hot, I love all my sons equally!

DG: And your dads too?

SD: HA oh yeah, the dads too!

DG: Anyone you really want to work with that you haven’t worked with yet?

SD: I’ve thought about trying to work with some big names in in porn. I don’t often find myself in the situations where I would meet them. I’ve been invited to a lot of award shows and events, and I don’t go to those. I just feel happy in my own little bubble, my own little world here. When I first started, I was in my 30s and I was starting my XTube page, I applied to about 12 different porn studios and got rejected by all of them, so I feel a little conflicted now when they contact me and want to make a video with me. I think I’m happy just doing my own thing. There are definitely sexy guys all over the world that I want to film with, but I don’t have any big names.

DG: Are you still working as a carpenter, still building furniture?

SD: I still have my wood shop. I do build furniture there. I don’t do as many custom orders as I used to. I just bought a new house and I’m building a lot of stuff for myself. It’s great to have it as a hobby and also as a place to film. I love making videos in my workshop, watching that feels so real. It’s a great place for me to go and decompress. It’s my little private world. Especially during COVID, it was one of the only places I could go in Seattle that was open because I was the only person there. So they kept me sane instead of being locked in the house all the time.

DG: Is it separate from your home?

SD: Yeah, it’s about 15 minutes south of where I live.

DG: What else do you do for fun away from all the work?

SD: In the summer here, I try to get out hiking and camping as much as possible because our summer only lasts 2 1/2 months. In the winter, if I’m not traveling to someplace warm. In the winter I play a lot of board games and video games and just trying to wait out the cold and darkness until it’s summer again.

DG: What’s your favorite video game or what games do you play the most?

SD: Diablo, the new Diablo now, that’s pretty fun, but my favorite games I love Tomb Raider and all the Tomb Raider series and the last three they just put out were amazing. Ghosts of Tsushima may be the most pertinent, perfect video game I’ve ever played. I’m hoping they come out with another one of those.

DG: Do you have specific goals for the future either as a carpenter or with the porn work?

SD: I still want to build as long as I possibly can, I love it and I feel I improve every time I build something. But, no, no specific goals with that. Just keep that going as a way to keep my mind active. With the porn, I want to keep performing as long as the people want to look at me, but I’d like to kind of go into directing at some point, filming for other people. I’ve been experimenting with filming for some friends, running the camera, and I love it so much. I’d like to do that.

DG: Who’s your cameraman for your work?

SD: I would say 60 to 70% of my videos I film myself, I put a stationary camera in the room and then I do a lot of handheld work, which is what I’ve always done. I’m comfortable with the camera in my hair, phone in my hand, while I’m having sex. I did have a guy that did a lot of my filming, but he moved away and now I’ve got a few people that live close to me. I don’t have a specific cameraman, but if I can find someone, it’s usually someone I filmed with. I just asked if they could come over and film, and then I’ll do the same for them. It’s kind of a reciprocal.

DG: What do you hope your fans get out of watching your work?

SD: I really want them to know that no matter what age you are or what your body looks like, you could be sexy, you can feel sexy. It’s completely a state of mind. I do get a lot of messages from fans, especially older fans, saying that they thought that their sex life was over at 40 or 35, but watching videos has encouraged them to try to get out there and have fun. I just want people to know that sex is fun, it’s a fun thing to do with your friends. Because a lot of the people I film with are friends. A lot of the Seattle guys, we hang out socially as well. I just want people to be freer and more comfortable with their bodies. And stop waiting till you feel like you look perfect because that day will never come. Just have fun with what you got. You can work on improving it if you want, but if you wait around for perfection, you’re going to be waiting a long time, miss out all the fun in life.

DG: Any tips for older guys to have the confidence and get out there.

SD: If a younger guy is talking to you at a bar or online and they act like they’re interested in you, believe them. Because I feel like a lot of older guys, they just get stuck in their head like, “oh, this this person can’t be possibly interested in me because they’re so hot or they’re so young or they have a more bigger follower count than I do”. If someone’s talking to you and acting interested, then just go with it and believe it!

DG: Anything else to share?

SD: I just have a lot of fun with what I do, and I try not to take it too seriously. Although it is a full-time job now, so it’s hard sometimes not to take it seriously but, at the end of the day, I’m having sex and it needs to be a good time. So I try to connect with people that I’m attracted to and have a connection with, and I think hopefully that comes across in the videos, that I don’t want to just make content, I want to film people having sex. So that’s what I try to do.

To watch Seattle Dad’s incredible scenes with some of the hottest cubs and dads around, head to his OnlyFans Page here – and for all his other links head here!

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  • Very hot! I exploded when I saw the second to last picture. Would love to have an evening with SD in the wood shop.

  • Ummmmm…Made the mistake of looking at Seattle Dad’s pics with my laptop on my lap. My laptop soon thereafter had popped off my lap and on to the flooor. Wooooofffff!!!!


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