Thursday, June 13, 2024

Exclusive Video Reveal: ‘Sodomite’ by Bryce Quartz featuring Big Daddy Karsten

Bryce Quartz, the sexy cubby rapper, returns from his two year hiatus of releasing music with a new single “Sodomite” featuring Norwegian bear rapper Big Daddy Karsten on November 22nd.

The music video was filmed on stage and backstage at Oslo Pride this past June 2023. We have been granted the exclusive video release, ahead of the music drop on Nov 22nd.

The song itself was re-written four times over the last two years to make it perfect. With bars about daddies, bears, gay dating apps, explicit content on Twitter, and having multiple sexual partners, it’s surely a track that most gay men can relate to and hip hop heads can nod their head along to. 

Paying homage to Sodom and Gomorrah from the classic Bible story in the Old Testament, the song flips the narrative on its head embracing what Bible thumpers around the world have used to persecute the LGBTQ+ community for across the last century. 

Bryce Quartz and Big Daddy Karsten send a sex positive message with the track, ultimately showing that being gay and sexually active is important to queer history and our modern daily lives alike. 

Photo Credit: Tina Meldahl

Big Daddy Karsten says: “Sodomite is a banger, and I knew it could be the first time I heard the demo for it. My verse just kinda fell out of me, and that’s not often when I get as technical with my writing as I did on this one.I’m so hyped that Bryce is finally dropping new music, he’s grown immensely since the last time he released something that’s his, and I’m excited to be a part of it.”

We love these slightly NSFW Images from the live show at Oslo Pride!

Bryce says:  “Going to Oslo this past pride season was monumental for me as an artist and as an openly queer individual. I walked in my first pride parade and got to perform in front of thousands of people. Although I was a bit nervous to perform in front of the biggest crowds yet in my career, everything fell into place once I hit the stage and it just felt natural. Karsten and I rehearsed for over 8 hours before all of our performances, making me feel even more comfortable about our sets.”

Photo Credit: Tina Meldahl

“Filming the music video for “Sodomite” on stage and backstage was definitely a highlight too, with Karsten and I knocking out each take with ease. It definitely boosted my confidence upon returning home to release all this music I’ve worked so hard on perfecting the last 2 years and prepared me for my releases across the next year. I’m extremely proud of and excited to release “Sodomite” as the lead single from my debut studio EP “The Sextape” along with the other two singles “Cum Pirate” and “Daddy Dick” that will also have music videos upon release in 2024.”

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Credit: Sebastian Winther Mathiassen

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