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Cover Star: Justin West, the Hot Brit Bear Invasion!

If you have ever watched any movies from Bear Films, you will have come across (!) the British bear Justin West. He’s hot, beefy, and looks great in rugby kit, so how could we resist chatting with him about his life and work.

He also just walked away with the “Best Bear Adult Performer” award at the recent Bear World Magazine Awards!

As we began chatting, I asked him to tell me a little about his background…

This photo and the cover photo – Neil Z Page Male Portrait & Fetish Photography

Justin West: Hello David. Thanks for having me! I was born in a small town in South Wales and moved to Birmingham for university when I was 18. I moved to a few different cities after university, but I always returned to Birmingham. I’ve been here now for the last 11 years, and it is my home now. I love the Midlands and the friends I have made here be that in the Bear community or friends within the LGBT community. I am a very fun an approachable bear, some people say I look intimidating when they see me, but I definitely don’t bite, well not unless you ask nicely!

David Goodman: Now, we all want to know how you got into adult movies!?

JW: I guess I got into adult movies a little later on in life, I had done plenty of photoshoots for clothing companies but had never done any actual film work. I first did a couple of personal videos and thought I would take a chance and apply to some companies and see what happens. I never actually expected to receive a response from the companies as I always saw porn actors as these hot looking fellas, with hot buff bodies and not someone like me. It was only after time I found there were bears working in porn and that gave me a boost to apply. I first applied to Butch Dixon who took me on to do a solo shoot, I was so nervous on the day, I didn’t really know what to expect and didn’t realise how long the shoot would actually be. After that I was taken on by Triga Films where I also did a solo shoot but within weeks, I was back in to do my first duo scene.

I loved this, working with another actor on a scene was amazing and so much fun. It was horny to be filming with him and boy was it a horny day. After that I began taking on regular scenes which became a threesome and a group scene. Each time these scenes got more and more hornier!

It was whilst working with Triga Films I applied for Hairy Adult Modelling who added me to work with Bear Films. I waited and the opportunity came up when they came to Europe to do some filming. I did three separate scenes over three days with some amazing actors and had a blast whilst doing it. I loved working with Bear Films and the guys were amazing, on and off screen the other actors and the crew were fun to be around in a villa in Spain.

I’m the kind of guy that has no set type to have sex with, I enjoy filming with bears, I enjoy filming with muscular guys, there’s a place for everyone on camera and as long as we can have a fun and horny time on camera then bring it on.

Justin West – Bear Films!
DG: Now tell me about some of the hot guys you have worked with?

JW: When I did my first scene it was with the very hot Damien Ryder. It was with Triga Films and it was my time so I was a little nervous but after we met and had a chat it as all good. I wasn’t sure at first if I was going to be top or bottom, but I ended up bottoming and I have to say I loved it, man he could pound good! We were both dressed as builders which is aways a horny look. I remember him saying that I knew how to take a good hard pounding and I was good with my deepthroat action!

With Bear Films I got to work with Adam Jones, Carlos Verga and Dave London. I had so much fun with these guys, I had never worked with any of them before so it was a fun few days. Adam Jones was amazing, the night I arrived he was pool having a night swim. We were straight into filming the following day and it was a very horny scene with Adam fucking me over the table. The next day I was working with Carlos Verga, I can only describe him as a pocket otter, he’s an awesome guy and it was a fun scene to do. The language barrier was a little difficult, but we got past that and had a great scene. He definitely knew how to take cock and it was awesome to film. On my last day I got to film with Dave London. We had spoken before via Twitter and it was great to meet him in person. We had a great scene and he definitely put me through my paces. He is an awesome guy, a hot kisser and definitely knows how to use his cock. I met Ale Tedesco at the same shoot but didn’t get chance to film with him, we’d met before in Gran Canaria so it was great to see him there, hopefully next time we will have chance to film something.

DG: What are your plans for your future, any goals?

JW: For my future there are definitely people I would love to work with on film including Marc McAulay, Andy Lee, Essex Spunk, Gabriel Cross, PJ Knox, Bull Barrett, Teddy Bear, Jack Dixon, Julian Torres, Rocco Steele, Hunter Scott, Seattle Dad, Alex Tikas, Darek Kraft, Marco Napoli and Pete Masters. That’s quite a list of men I would love the experience of working with as I am sure that it would make for a very fun horny filming session.

Outside of filming I had the opportunity to go back to doing some dancing, I used to dance in a venue when I was younger and I have had the opportunity to do it in Gran Canaria during bear week and I then went on to go-go dance at WOOF! Parties in Luxembourg which was such a great experience, and I am hoping to do more with the guys.

Like I said there is definitely scope for me to do more filming which I would love to do, I would also like to go-go dance more anywhere in the world. I would love the experience of go-go dancing in the USA. I love America, the guys are always friendly and its always fun there. I would love the experience of working at events like P-Town or bear nights in NYC.

Outside of the film and go-go dancing work I am currently working on setting up my personal business baking and decorating cakes. I’ve already had a friend draw up my logo etc and the plans are hoping to be ‘The Bear Baker’. What more could you ask for a bear that likes to shake his ass on a podium and someone that can bring cakes and treats for the bears?

Justin West – Bear Films
DG: What would you say to anyone who wants to get into the adult world?

JW: I would say take it slow. You have to be ready to put yourself in that position to do the work. You will not always get a response from studios or you may get rejections from studios but don’t take that to heart. For every rejection, you will get an offer of work. You may think it’s an easy thing to do but you have to be prepared for a lot of starting and stopping. It’s not just a case of turning up and getting it on, there will always be stopping so pictures can be taken and adjustments of positions etc can take place. Some people think that it’s a 30 minute scene it’ll be easy to do but those 30 minutes could take 4 hours to do.

All I will say is be prepared, focus on which studios you want to work with and apply for them, make sure you have photos done of yourself fully nude etc to send in to the companies.

The best bit of advice I can give is contact current porn actors. I have had numerous people message me regarding working in porn and pointing them in the right directions to help them. I will always help anyone that asks me questions and I am sure there are other guys in the industry that will do the same too.

Finally, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Richard, everyone at Bear World Magazine, and of course everyone that voted for me in the Bear World Magazine Awards, it was an absolute honor to have won at the first ever Awards, it has been such an amazing honor and privilege.

DG: Thanks Justin, I’ll pass that all along to the team over there (we love them too!)

Make sure you all go and follow Justin’s accounts – all four of them listed below:

Facebook – Jason Green, Twitter – @JustinWestXXX, Instagram – jaybear83, TikTok – @justinbear83

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