Thursday, June 13, 2024

Summer Bear Style by URS WearBear

Getting our bear bodies out in the sun with something that’s stylish and fits is a new joy we can all now experience. URS WearBear have a cute range that launched this summer and was spotted all over from PTown Bear Week to Cannonball, and we expect to see a lot at Sitges this week!

Check out this great collection first seen over at

It’s official, hot bear summer is upon us. So, boys its time to get those looks together and flaunt it poolside, at the beach, in the club and hopefully…the bedroom!

URS WearBear has released their 2023 summer collection and it is, in a word, hot! Featuring gorgeous swimwear with bright ombre colors and coordinating tanks, you are sure to stand out for all the right reasons.

For the more modest among us there’s also these adorable swim trunks available.

Their collection of rugby shorts and coordinating mesh tanks make quite an impact too!

You can also take it to the streets with their versatile denim shorts and caps.

And then if all goes well you can take it back to the bedroom with their assortment of see-through tanks and mesh jocks. WOOF!

To check out their full summer collection or to make a purchase head over to the URS WearBear site HERE.

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