Thursday, June 13, 2024

OnlyFans Bear Spotlight: FurryBikerXXX

We love that there are so many different bears on OnlyFans, and one bear we love to see is FurryBiker, we first saw him working with Seattle Dad, so we just had to get to know him better!

We got to chat to him a little bit and he told us he really is a biker, as well as bicycle rider too. Married for 10 years, is a dog dad and he enjoys bourbon & cigars!

He has been a Strip-a-Gram performer during undergrad, a sex researcher (for real, the boring kind), as well as a professional chef and restaurant consultant. Of course, he is an adult content creator, contributor and editor (editing most of his own content) since July 2021.

His first porn appearance was in a straight research film 1988, and if that’s not enough, he has degrees in Economics, Psychology, and is a Professional in the Culinary Arts!

Furry Biker has made sure to tell us that kissing is NOT optional, and that he is mostly a top but likes to flip on occasion; but he always finishes inside a guy, always!

He loves rimming to get a guy relaxed and lubed up with spit, and then massaging the guy’s prostate with his dick until he cums!

“I enjoy sex with men. If I am not having fun, it shows on film – I am not that good of an actor. I often forget about the camera and I’m just in the moment. Sometimes it does not make for the best video angles, but I hope the passion and raw physical bond with another male comes through. For me, it’s more about the connection and energy than anything else but being bearded and hairy helps…” he explained to us!

Head over to his various content accounts to see over 120 films on OnlyFans and over 150 on Just for Fans. He also has over over 500 pictures on both OF and JFF. Check them all out at the links below!

LinkTree: Linktree/furrybikerXXX


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