Thursday, June 13, 2024

Versatile – A New Jock Strap from Bearback!

We all love a jockstrap, but this new jockstrap from the same company who bring you the awesome Bearback Lube, is something else with its own inbuilt lube holster and wireless connection app!

VERSATILE, the pioneering luxury utility jockstrap with interchangeable smart lube holster & hide-away pocket by Bearback is designed to fit most humans. They have created VERSATILE with a hip circumference range of 31”-60”. The creator Ray S, is quite understandably proud of what they have created, with the PR stating, “VERSATILE is much more than a jockstrap, it’s a masterpiece that melds innovation, luxury, and utility.”

The jock is handmade in Los Angeles by a trusted team who also produces products for other world-renowned brands, “this will ensure your new favorite jock offers you endless confidence and flare while wearing it” says Ray S.

One of the many distinguishing factors of VERSATILE is the many branded accents and custom materials used. The brand is committed to being proudly cruelty-free which is evident in the lube holster crafted with vegan leather. The Company has also introduced a new fine-mist sprayable oil-based lube, “Atmosphere”, with a travel size called “BBA” which is the lube used in the smart holster that provides you with loads of pleasure and is literally attached to your hip.

So get yourself a VERSATILE jock now and use it to cater to your every need, whether you’re dancing the night away at the club or enjoying more intimate moments at home or a bathhouse. With the brand new premium fine-mist, oil-based spray lube, Atmosphere, and its travel/holster size, BBA, convenience and pleasure are always a spray away no matter where you are.

One more thing, BareBack have created a new app that allows you to share a digital profile you create on the BB NFC App which automatically is sent when someone taps their phone onto it – ensuring effortless connections without any hassle or need to pull your phone out. The BB NFC App also offers customizable and security features, enabling you to control the sharing of your digital profile and also allows you to receive your new “buddy’s” information from them seamlessly – even if they don’t have the BB NFC app or VERSATILE jock.

As part of the launch you can save $80 if you order during their first production run – which will sell out fast – so don’t delay!

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